BHS Devil's Advocate

For the students, by the students

Meet the Staff

devil's advocate 2017-2018.JPG

The Devil’s Advocate staff is made up of high school students ranging from 9th-12th grade.


Editors-in-Chief: Joe Barbieri and Bilal Afzal

News Editors: Alison Irwin and Bilal Afzal

Features Editors: Cole Frieden, and Maya Pandit

Arts and Entertainment Editors: Zahra Mohamed, Maya Pandit, and Matthew Hanlon

Opinion Editors: Robby Griffin and Alyson Pinkham

Sports Editors: Joe Viscione, Madison Metzdorf, and Sean Casey

Puzzles Editors: Matthew Hanlon and Cole Frieden

Media Editors: Zahra Mohamed and Alison Irwin

Photo Editor: Madison Metzdorf

Staff: Tim Cannon, Jake Doherty, Joey Nee, Devin Ralston, and Kevin Weng

Advisor: Sarah Eshelman


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